Thursday, 22 March 2012


Yo wassup?Have a nice day...are you take your bath this morning? Wanna know something? I didn't take a bath today hahaha i'm just kidding . My friend and I went to Afiqah's house because our hostel lack of water. About two days we stay at her house just because this problem.From form one until now , this problem doesn't solved . Now the reason is the main pipe was not function This week we're gonna go home and I'm so excited to meet with my family.... 


  1. Please take a bath before coming to my class..hahahaha

  2. Corrections:

    1) Are you take your bath this morning?

    Have you taken your bath this morning is correct..use present perfect tense ok..=)

    2) about two days we stay at her house just because this problem

    consider your sentence should be like this---- we stayed at her house about two days just because of this problem..

    use 'stayed' because you describe the past event..

    3) this week we are gonna go home

    gonna = going, thus, no need to add 'go'..and in writing an essay, dont use 'gonna' ok..marks will be deducted taw!hehe

    it should be like this ------this week we are going home..

    Continue writing in ENglish ok..Good Luck!