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 The main character of this short story is Lucy Beck.  Perhaps this is how Lucy Beck looks like =)

1. young, small, plain looking 
- young and small and mouse-coloured, easily overlooked

 2. an underachiever but completes secretarial training at Belmont Secretarial College 
- has typing speed that would make a tortoise laugh

3. punctual 
she was early 

4.  low self-esteem
-whoever will want to employ me

5. courage
-she went back and sat down in front of the typewriter and glared at it

6. determined
- Lucy wanted the job. More than anyone, more than anything, she wanted a job. 
She was tired of being poor

- for an hour, she battled with the machine

There are other characters too,,who do you think the second major character of the story? It must be the ghost of Miss Broome!!!!! Why?  Because she is the antagonist that creates a conflict in the story,,=)

So, what are the characteristics of the ghost of Miss Broome?

  • bad -tempered
  • very loyal and dedicated
  • lonely
  • possessive
  • vengeful

Other than these two characters, the other characters found in the story are:

Harry Darke

  • helpful
- he offers Lucy a helping hand whenever she needs it

  • loyal 
he has been working for Mr Ross and Bannister for 30 years!

Lucy's Mother,

  • patient -  
she is very patient especially to Uncle Bert, she ever ever lose her temper to him, even scream

 Uncle Bert
  • over sensitive
-  when Lucy gets mad on him, he tells Lucy of the feeling being unwanted, but he never cares of the trouble he creates to others that makes him deserves for such awakening
  • alcoholic
- he drinks a lot perhaps to forget his problems

Mr. Ross

  • concern
- he asks Lucy if she has trouble with the typewriter
  • secretive
- he never tells Lucy of the typewriter secrete, or anything about the former secretary

Mrs. Price. 
  • supportive
-she wishes Lucy to venture the real world and find success as she has confidence in her
  • (but) cynical
- she wishes good luck upon Lucy's graduation, but mentioned in the text, the way she wishes good luck is like wishing a snowman a happy summer

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